Helping you to change your life for the better.


Adelle Venn, BA Hons, CHP (NC) Hypno-Psychotherapist.

Stress, Anxiety and Tourette's Syndrome specialist.

I am a professional Hypno-Psychotherapist. I provide Hypnotherapy in Brackley, Banbury and nearby.

I am here to help you make the lasting change you want to see in your life.

Making a change can be really hard. Sometimes you may feel stuck and unsure about the right course of action to take. You might be feeling lost because you have tried so many other things before and it just hasn't worked. I’m sorry you have to be here and I’m sorry you’re facing the problems which bring you to this website. However, help is at hand. You don’t have to continue feeling this way. If you’re here looking for hypnotherapy in Brackley, Banbury, Bicester, Buckingham, Oxford, Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, then I’m here to help you, every step of the way.

How are you feeling right now? 

Feeling stressed? Suffering from anxiety or depression? Perhaps you want to stop smoking or control your weight

Many of my clients come to me feeling as though there is something that needs to be done but they just cant do it for themselves. Perhaps you yourself are exhausted by the stifling feeling of anxiety, or the sheer weight of depression. Sometimes, it can feel as though you are completely stuck and it is beyond you to move forward. 

There is a solution to any issue that you are going through. Whether it is smoking, weight loss, stress anxiety, relationship problems or anything that you feel is beyond you to change and resolve. 

Often, we carry the past with us and repeat the same habits or behaviours regardless of the fact that they just don't serve us anymore. 

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful therapy. I’m trained to use it, in conjunction with mindfulness, counselling and other psychotherapeutic approaches, to help people achieve their goals. If you’re currently experiencing a problem and are looking for a solution then hypnotherapy could help you to put it behind you, once and for all.

How I am going to help you

I can help people to overcome depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, panic and a whole host of other problems. I help people to reach their weight loss goals, stop smoking and make all of the changes that they wish to see in their lives. You really can feel free of the problem which brings you here. Your life could be happier, more fulfilling and more enjoyable. Others have found that hypnotherapy is their route to a better life. You could too.

Whatever your problem may be, I can help you to see that you’re strong enough to let it go. You have every quality, every strength, every trait necessary to achieve your goals. Perhaps you simply don’t know it yet. I can help you to see this for yourself.

I’m so determined to offer the best possible therapeutic experience that I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on my own personal therapy. It’s essential for any therapist to be able to be in the best possible condition themselves. Having my own therapy, a requirement of the course I followed, taught me a great deal and I’m ready and waiting for your call, in order that you might benefit from my experience.


I’m regularly supervised, in order to be able to draw upon the superior experience of a respected professional in the field of hypnotherapy. Your emotional well-being is my main concern.

I offer warm, professional and effective hypnotherapy. Although hypnotherapy can be used to eliminate a whole host of problems from IBS to depression, psychological distress underpins most of the problems that we face. My specialism is working with anxiety and stress.  

I specialise in anxiety, stress and Tourette's syndrome

I have a particular interest in using hypnotherapy to help people with Tourette’s syndrome. Tourette’s Syndrome is both a result and a cause of enormous stress. I can help you to let go of stress in order that the symptoms of TS recede as far as is possible. I can help you to relax around tics of any kind, so that their occurrence both bothers you less and diminishes. If you’re wondering how hypnotherapy could help you, just give me a call and I’ll be happy to talk with you.

Would you like to hear more? Get in touch!

Have a read of my website, get a sense of the person I am. If you feel that I might be the person to help you then simply contact me to find out more. I’m here to help, whenever you’re ready.

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