Adelle Venn: Hypno-Psychotherapist, BA Hons CHP (NC) CNHC MHSHPM

My career in therapy started with me sitting in a chair, riddled with anxiety and wondering whether my therapist was going to tell me that I had gone mad.


I was 20 and approaching a First Class Honors Degree. Even at such a young age, I was a high flyer, earning a lot money alongside my degree and achieving excellent grades. But inside I was fighting a huge battle against fear, anger, insecurity and confusion. It was an internal state of constant turmoil and I was sinking.

Then Hannah came towards me. She was a Hypnotherapist in the local area. She was warm, patient and calm. We quickly got to work and my inner turmoil began to die. 

I became who I am today but I knew that I wanted to be a Hypnotherapist. It felt right! 

I then spend nearly three years working with young children with Autism and behavioural difficulties. Then I began to work with offenders, addicts, those in chronic pain and individuals with varying levels of mental illness. I still do to this day. 

Every single person that I have ever worked with has it in them to achieve their goals and I still hear from them now. 

Why choose me? 

It is so important that you chose the right therapist for you. Doing so will make all the difference to your experience in therapy and ultimately it will make a difference to the amount of progress that you make. I believe that my clients deserve the best possible therapy. This is why I chose to train with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, in order to qualify for UKCP accreditation. The NCHP is one of only three UK hypnotherapy training schools seen as being good enough to merit UKCP accreditation. I chose the longest, most expensive and most rigorous training because I wanted to be able to offer hypnotherapy of the highest quality.

And so you can rest assured that my training is of the highest standard. And so it should be, you deserve the best. It takes four years and hours of Continuous Professional Development to complete the course. Hypnotherapy itself is subject to very little regulation and some therapist in the profession will have had few as a couple of weekend sessions before they work with you. I don't want that for my clients, they deserve more and that's why I didn't take any short cuts in my training.

I don't take short cuts

Every single person that I see is unique. Yes, there are always some clients who do not need many sessions. However, I won't tell you that you will have dealt everything in two sessions because I believe in getting to the root cause of the problem and resolving that issue. 

You are an individual and therapy shouldn't be a one size fits all process. You don't deserve that. How long therapy takes will depend upon you and I. We will decide how we are going to work together and we will continue to look at this as we go along. 

The hypnotherapy industry is full of professionals who are required to undertake different levels of supervision and continuous professional development. I am required to undertake extensive supervision and development to make sure that my skills and training are to the highest standard.

With me you can be sure that there will be no quick fixes, no bodge-jobs, no instant ‘feel good’ therapy which will leave the core of your issues untouched and the original problem all set to return within weeks.

I’ve met many clients who have taken the quick route, who have gone away with their problems still present or who have seen their problems return with a vengeance at a later date. I will work to ensure that this isn’t the case with our work.