Copy of 7 easy peasy weight loss tips.

Some of us just don't want to work hard to lose weight. We don't have the time to spend 30 hours in the gym every week and the idea of not being able to eat crisps is less than appealing. 

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But it is possible to lose weight by making small but significant changes to your everyday routine. In fact, many of my clients have seen some dramatic results. 

So here are my top 10 weight loss tips that don't require very much effort. 

1. Stick a picture of your ideal self on the fridge. 

Maybe there's an old pic of you when you were slimmer and looking good. If you take that and stick it on the fridge, you'll be reminded of your goal and how good you looked. This means that when you reach for those extra snacks, you'll think twice at the moment that you see that awesome picture. 

2. Park in the furthest parking space that you can find. 

Whether at work, supermarket, shopping centre, whatever, try to park in the furthest spot away. This means that you'll have to walk to get to where you are going. And, if you have to walk some extra steps with some shopping bags in your hands then that great too. 

3. Take the stairs. 

Again, most of us are parking close to work, getting in the lift, only to sit down all day at work, leave the office, get in the car and sit down for dinner. All that sitting is bad for your health. So as well as parking further away, take the stairs to your office. You'll be moving more than you did before and in a few weeks, you might find that you start running up them. 

4. Sip water when you eat 

This tip is awesome because sipping water at meal times will slow down your eating. Many people have got into the habit of eating quickly which means that it becomes really easy to over eat. But if you take breaks in your meals to sip on water, you will force yourself to eat slower, enabling your stomach to tell you when you're full. 

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5. If you're going to drink swap beer and wine for white spirits. 

Okay, so alcohol is not the best thing when it comes to dieting. Alcohol is normally full of sugar, so its like eating a pudding that makes you also want to eat pizza at the end of the night. 

But for many people alcohol is also fun and a social outlet. Therefore, if youre going to drink swap beer and wine for white spirits. 

Its all about the calories. A standard 5% strength beer will have between 170 and 215 kcal per pint.

A standard measure of gin and slimline tonic only has 59 calories 

So if you're going to drink, then gin it is....

6. Wear your tight clothes for a day. 

You will have some clothes in the wardrobe that are a bit tight when you put them on. Get them out. A lot of us have no idea that we are putting on weight and can ignore it simply by buying a bigger size. But this tip is about forcing you to realise that it is happening and take action. 

By wearing these clothes for a day, you will put your weight to the front of your mind, you'll be able to feel roughly how much has gone on and you'll be inspired to get back into that outfit. 

7. After you have done number 6... take yourself shopping and buy an awesome outfit in a size smaller. 

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Treat yourself to that dress or shirt that you want to look good in. Buy it in the size you want to be and tell yourself that you're going to get there. Hang it in the place that you can see it. Imagine how awesome you're going to look and feel when you get there. 

I use these techniques with my clients and (many more) they have seen some great results. Weight loss isn't just about calories. Its about changing your attitude and your relationship with yourself. 

Below is a recording specifically designed to help you to get started. To become more aware of your body and to train your mind so that you are more in control of your cravings.









Why choose Hypno-Psychotherapy

For every problem, there is a solution but what is Hypno-Psychotherapy and how effective is it?

Well, Hypno-Psychotherapy is a combination of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy which means that you get all of the benefits of talking therapy, psychological techniques and the power of Hypnosis. So it’s a pretty comprehensive solution to your problems.


Make change a little easier

The truth is that change isn’t easy, it’s quite a brave thing to do. So getting the right help is crucial. However, with Hypno-Psychotherapy it can be easier for you to get the results you want because as your therapist, I can find a tailored solution which fits around your needs.

A helping hand designed for you

A helping hand designed for you

Deal with your Symptoms by tackling the underlying causes!

Hypnotherapy is a good technique it is used to help anxiety, stress and much more but it’s often not enough on it’s own.

This is because there are often a whole host of underlying issues which can be the cause of your problems. Habits are often learned and life serves us with with lots of difficulties.

That’s why it’s often good to undertake a form of talking therapy too. So when you experience Hypno-Psychotherapy, you might be quite surprised about how easy and quickly you can tackle your issues.

What will you gain?

With Hypnotherapy you will learn how to observe and control your own mind. To regulate your own emotions using self hypnosis, visualisation and other cognitive techniques. And finally, learn to use your own strengths to your advantage.

What if I just want Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy can I choose?

Ultimately, yes.

Hypno-Psychotherapy is an integrative service which means that you can choose how the sessions go depending on what you want and the type of person that you are.

Feel happier in your own way and at your own pace

Feel happier in your own way and at your own pace

It’s a very flexible approach and you don’t have to commit to a number of sessions or be available at the same time every week.

How quickly will you start to feel better?

That does depend a lot on you. If you’re really wanting to make some significant changes and you’re willing to embark on the change process then you can start to see results as early as the first session. It also largely depends on the problem. A person with a simple phobia may be different from a person who has suffered from past abuse.

You’re unique and so this type of therapy will to mould around you and provide support however long it takes.

If you’re still deciding which therapy is right for you, then that’s okay. It’s a big decision. So why not try out this recording for stress and burnout.

It’s £5 and you can follow the link to pay whenever you feel ready.

If you want to embark on a full session, then give me a call on 07525051263

Relationship issues

man and wife.jpg

Look at this image…

The woman is being held by her partner and is thinking ‘if he just puts in a little more effort, he could pull me up and i’ll be safe.’

The man is holding on and thinking, ‘she just needs to push herself a little more.’

The problem is that each partner can only see from their own perspective. He can’t see the snake biting at her and she can’t see that he is being crushed by the pressure of the boulder on top of him.

Relationships are hard because they often involve a couple with their own needs, troubles, fear’s and aspirations. Sometimes it’s difficult to work through all of that and still maintain a healthy relationship and so many people simply can’t hold on which leads to unfortunate break ups.

The moral of this story is that couples often cannot see the pain and pressure that the other person is carrying.

But there are ways to go through the trials of life and still have a healthy and thriving relationship, even when times are hard.

Hypnotherapy can help you to understand how to communicate better and understand yourself and your partner so that you can be helpful and supportive without sacrificing your own needs.

Life is hard but your relationship doesn’t need to be.

If you need help with your own relationship or you are worried about a partner then give me a call on 07525051263.