Want to reach your goals? The clue is in the mountains.

Here’s the truth,

Goal setting is really easy. Sticking to it isn’t.

Whether it’s smoking, weight loss, making money, or starting a business most of us at some point have goals that we want to achieve.

The first thing that most of us do is visualise it. We imagine what it will be like to have that toned body. We imagine ourselves in all of our glory when we make loads of money from our business idea. And this is great, visualising things makes them seem real to us and can act as one of our biggest motivators.


Sooner or later the times comes the time when we actually have to do it.

We have to go and get that body, go and make that money be that person in our imagination.

Then we start to realise that it our goals are harder than they looked in our heads.

You go to the gym with the Instagram version of yourself firmly in your head, only to find that after three minutes on a treadmill you’re gasping for air.

That perfect body starts to look further away from you than you thought. Then, sitting at home watching your favourite TV programme starts to look more inviting and before you know it your goal becomes out of your reach.

Does this all sound familiar?

So the question you may be asking is, how can I make sure that I achieve my goals and what does this have to do with mountains?

Mountains are some of the biggest, and most majestic formations on the planet. Some of them are no big, that they have their own climates. They are the rocky evidence that our earth is capable of creating some amazing things.

And they are formed by tectonic plates, and these plates are most of the time unnoticed, subtle and they only move a measly 2.5 centimeters a year. But, those plates only have to move together and that 2.5 centimeters can shift the earth thousands of meters into the air. The pressure and movement develops slowly over time, building and building until it has enough motivation to literally, move mountains.

You need to work in the same way.

The truth is that great things can come from the slightest of changes.

So when you’re goal setting, instead of focusing on the end result, break it down.

You can achieve your goals by following some of these steps:

1.Work out where you want to be.

2. Then work out your timetable. Ask yourself where or when can I fit this in?

3. Commit to doing one thing per day that moves you to your goal.

If it’s weight loss, then commit to taking the stairs every day instead of the lift.

Smoking? Tell yourself you will illuminate the easiest cigarette from your day and work your way towards the hardest one.

4. Slowly up increase the time, effort and difficulty. When you have reached the first step, work out what the next one will be and commit to that.

Before, you know it, you will be implementing your changes without making drastic moves. You will be building lasting habits and feeling proud of yourself when you get there.

Remember we become demotivated when things seem to far away for us to achieve.

So slowly make moves towards your goal, build the momentum, do small things on a regular basis and all of this will gradually build until you have so much power that your goal will become in reach and you can take it for yourself.

If you have found this article useful and feel that you can achieve your goals on your own then great, but if you feel that you need a little more help then give me a call on 07525051263.

Hypnotherapy is exercise for the mind

hypnotherapy brackley

It’s that time of year again,


You might be thinking about revisiting the gym, dusting off your running shoes and opting for a salad instead of Christmas Pudding. However, you need to remember that your mind is just as important as your body.

In the same way that too much sugar and fat is bad for your body, chronic stress is not good for your brain. The odd stressful situation is something that humans are designed to deal with but long term, daily stress can really upset your mental health.

In fact, Bergland (2014) argues that researchers have found that long term stress effects brain function, reduces brain cell activity and reaps havoc on your immune system.

Not good.

It is important to remember that your mind is actually like a muscle, whatever part of it you flex will become stronger. So, if you stress too much, your brain will become better at stressing but if you practise things like positive mental focus your mind will become better at that too.

Regular mediation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy are like a workout for the mind.

Hypnotherapy combines all the benefits of relaxation, mental focus, concentration and imagination to increase your sense of well being.

If you are interested in improving your mental health, then give me a call 07525051263. I usually record the Hypnotherapy part of our session so that you can listen and practise self hypnosis on a regular basis.

Ill look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,


Hypnotherapy for Smoking

Don’t worry, Hypnotherapy is not another lecture about your health.

Smoking is a habit, full stop.

This is actually good news because it means that it is easier to quit than you think.

Humans form habits and break habits all of the time which means that you are fully capable of stopping.

So why is it so difficult to stop?

In order to make any change, your mind needs to align with your will to stop. Often, this does happen. You may wish to stop and be very passionate about doing it but your mind may burden you with thoughts like…

‘it’s addictive, i’ll get cravings, my friends do it, i’ve got no will power.’

On and on you go, giving yourself reasons to make it harder for yourself.

Eventually, the excuses become so big that you give up.

Whenever we do anything repetitively, the mind gets used to doing it and so, when we attempt to stop or do something different, then for a period of time, it is difficult.

And that is where Hypnotherapy comes in. It works by building your motivation and it can also help you to control those…. ‘ I’m going to put on weight, if I stop’ thoughts.

Hypnotherapy can help you to quit for good. You can smell better, become healthier and feel fitter.

But I have tried to stop before!

Nicotine patches, vaporisers and many other replacements ignore the psychological aspect of the smoking habit, but once we address this, there will be nothing to stop you.

If you truly want to stop, then you will. And I can help you.

So how do I stop?

Well, the fact that you are still reading this is a great sign that you are serious about stopping, even if you have tried many times before.

All that we need to do is align your mind with your desire to stop.

If you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you then contact me and we can discuss your needs and your individual goals. I'll look forward to hearing from you to get started.

If you are looking for help to stop smoking in Brackley, Banbury and the surrounding areas, then give me a call on 07525051263.

Is Christmas a depressing time for you? Get your sparkle back with Hypnotherapy

Adverts everywhere, shopping centres lit up like Las Vegas, not to mention the office Secret Santa.

Its that time of year again, a time to be happy, rejoicing and giving. But some of my clients can’t wait to get to January.

For some, Christmas time is just a reminder of the family that we don’t like much. Or it is the opposite, it brings us a sense of loneliness. For others, it means a huge pressure to be happy.

Some of us may have even begun to associate Christmas with stress. As a result it can actually be a pretty miserable time.

There seems to be so much pressure to be happy that Christmas encourages sadness.

If you can relate to this, then you are not alone.

I see so many people towards Christmas who are simply depressed about the whole thing and can’t wait for it to end.

Being depressed about Christmas often goes a lot deeper. People seem to be reminded of the things that they can often ignore for the rest of the year. Like, the issues in their family, problems in their marriage, financial strains.

Christmas seems to force a person to face things.

If this is you then I can help.

Christmas doesn’t always have to feel this way. I help my clients to deal with the underlying problems that are being highlighted to them. I also help my clients to move themselves away from the pressure that this time of year can bring.

I can teach them you re-think Christmas, re-think what it means to you and what it can be in the future.

If you want to start feeling better about Christmas and create a new future that makes you feel happier towards this time of year then I would love to hear from you.

Call me on 07525051263 and we will get started.

How to tackle intrusive thoughts

Okay, so I want to talk about a subject that many people live with but are too ashamed to talk about. I want to talk about intrusive thoughts.

Intrusive thoughts are nasty. They are categorised as an extreme form of anxious thinking that leads the person to become very worried about.

They are repetitive, unwanted and often very scary due to the fact that these kind of thoughts usually involve something socially unacceptable, violent sexual or totally unacceptable.

They often come about as an off shoot of anxiety. When you’re anxious, you tend to have extra adrenalin pumping around your body which makes negative or scary thoughts more likely.

The anxiety builds up until one day a thought comes into your mind that completely side swipes you.

You might suddenly think about shouting in a church, jumping out a car, pushing someone out a window, flushing the fish down the toilet.

Untitled design (3).png

Some of us can brush these thoughts off as weird and move on but others will become shocked by the idea that they had the thought.

And in a world full of safeguarding, over sensitivity and being ‘PC’. You may be worried about even mentioning what is going on in your mind.

What are the different types of intrusive thoughts.

Thoughts of being aggressive.

These usually involve fearing that you may harm yourself/others. They happen mostly to people who have never harmed anyone and would even dream of it.

Intrusive thoughts about family members.

Thoughts about family members usually involve wondering what your sibling looks like naked, wondering what might happen if you become attracted to a family member etc. They usually happen around about the time when you are beginning to explore yourself as a sexual person. It is a sign of development but unfortunately some people think that there is something wrong when them when these thoughts appear in their minds.

Thoughts about completely inappropriate things

These thoughts are usually about things that are seen as completely unacceptable like being attracted to someone under the legal age of consent. You might fear that what you are thinking will become real for you and you might actually want to do those things one day if the thoughts don’t stop.

Thoughts about children

Some parents, especially those who may be experiencing post natal depression can become really disturbed by thoughts about their children. These usually involve fears about not liking the child or fears about losing control and harming them. Some parents also have intense fears about the child not liking them.

Intrusive thoughts about children can be particularly nasty because we live in a world where we are surrounded by images of happy families. Some parents may be too scared to talk about their thoughts because they fear that they might be seen as bad parents if they do.

Why do we get intrusive thoughts and how to deal with them.

First of all, its helpful to see intrusive thoughts as a symptom of a wider anxiety that you might be experiencing.

You can take the sting out of your thoughts by understanding that thinking is what minds do. They are designed to run content through your brain and most of the thoughts that appear in your mind are not invited by you. They just turn up.

You don’t actually have to pay any attention to them. There is no difference between a good thought and a bad thought, the only difference is the content. Because our thoughts come from our own minds, often people make the mistake of thinking that they have to believe those thoughts.

I suppose its logical, if those thoughts came from you then they must be real, right? Wrong. Your thoughts are not you. They are just mental processes. You have on average, 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts every day.

You cant possibly remember all of our thoughts which mean that the ones that you do remember are the ones that we have chosen to focus on.

Secondly, remember that the very fact that these thoughts are bothering you is a good thing.

Whilst doing or wanting to carry out your intrusive thoughts is not okay, the thoughts themselves are completely normal.

More importantly, if you’ve had a bad thought about hurting someone and this has really upset you then that suggests that although a bad thought entered your mind, you have responded to it appropriately on a moral, social and emotional level. It would be far more worrying if you liked the idea and didn’t feel empathy towards the person that you might hurt.

The third thing that you can do is talk about it.

Untitled design (4).png

This is really hard because, of course, you might be worried about peoples reactions. But you’ll be surprised to learn that pretty much everyone on the planet has had an intrusive thought at some point in their lives.

The final way to tackle intrusive thoughts is to STOP PUSHING THEM AWAY.

Of course, this is hard because you don’t want these thoughts, but by trying to push them away, you are engaging with them and by engaging with them, you’re giving them power. Imagine a child having a tantrum, if you argue with the child the battle goes on but if you ignore them, they might shout louder to start with but eventually they run out of steam, get bored and stop.

All of these tactics can slowly get you to a point where you actually don’t notice the thoughts as much. Yes they are there but you can experience them and then continue to live your life.

If you feel that you can tackle your thoughts on your own, then great. However, if you feel that you need some help and guidance. Then give me a call on 07525051263, i’d be happy to help.