Struggling to lose weight? Try something different, try hypnotherapy instead

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The diet and fitness industry is huge. It literally makes billions per year, and there is always another diet around the corner to try. You will have heard or even tried most of these…



Meal prep

Membership programmes

Clean eating

Liquid detox


Dairy free

The Everything free diet!


I have met so many people who have struggled with dieting, they see no way of losing weight and all of a sudden it becomes a mountain that they cannot climb. 

The more desperate you become to lose weight the more diets you will try. 

The more diets you try, the more money you give to the diet industry.

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Millions of us try these diets only to find that the weight loss doesn’t last and our money goes down the toilet. 



There is a reason why your diet isn't working

Diets ignore your emotions and you emotions play a key role in your eating habits. What you need is lasting change, lasting results and weight loss that you can sustain. To do this you need to actually change your habits and the way that you think about food. Weight loss is about your attitude to food, how it fits into your life style and your relationship with the things that you are eating.

Hypnotherapy can change you and your weight, giving you the results that you want. 

If you need help with your weight and keeping it off. Call me on 07525051263 and lets get this under control