Harry Potter and Self Esteem? What's the link.

Self - Esteem is delicate. It can take years to build and yet a few simple words can raze it to the ground. I know how fragile it can be. Every day, I use hypnotherapy in Banbury, Brackley and Oxford to help people repair the damage which others have done to their confidence, their sense of self and their sense of worth.  

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Harry Potter’s teacher is a vicious little bully who does her best to destroy his self-esteem, his happiness and his future. As he writes, her words engrave themselves onto his hand, causing pain and drawing blood. She’s truly nasty, isn’t she!? 

She’s not alone. Bullies are more common than many people like to think. Their words can be cruel, destructive and mean. We all know how damaging bullies can be. Every school had one. Yours did too. I bet you even remember their name. 

But what if the abusive bully exists in your own mind? 

How do you talk to yourself? What kind of language do you use? Do you praise yourself for the good things you’ve done? Do you take pride in the good person you are? 

I thought not. 

If you’re here because you’d like to improve your confidence and self-esteem then it’s probably fair to say that you’re a bully. The problem is however, that you bully yourself! 

My clients will typically bully themselves into the ground. I shudder when they tell me how they treat themselves. I shiver when they relate how cruel they are – to their very own selves. 

The worst thing is – they’re often barely aware of how they do it. 

People become their own bullies 

Perhaps your parents began the process. Maybe it was a bully or two at school. Over time their words became normal. You began by wondering why you’d been singled out. You ended by feeling as if you knew. They were right to bully you. Their words became your words. Their voice became your voice. You became your own bully and nobody in the world can be crueller to your own self than you are.  

Those words are etched deeply into your soul 

The words etched into Harrys hand became deeper and deeper every time he went to detention and, given time, such destructive thoughts will leave their mark on anybody’s sense of self-worth and esteem. A mark was left on Harry’s hand and, in a similar manner. pathways are physically carved into your brain every time one of these horrible thoughts is allowed to exist, unchallenged. 

Over time those thoughts become automatic. They become ingrained and you may not even notice them as they wend their way through your brain.  

They do, however, leave a mark. They become normalised, routine and accepted as truth. The damage slowly accumulates over time.  

You’ve become your own bully. How could hypnotherapy help you to be free? 

It may seem hopeless. You may feel as if those thought patterns are so hard-wired that they can’t be undone. 

It’s not true, they can be. If you’re determined to change then they will be!  

I know this is true because I spend every week using hypnotherapy in Banbury, Oxford and Brackley to help people rewire their minds. What is learned can be unlearned. If you’d like to let go of repetitive and self-destructive thought patterns then please do get in touch. If you’d like to free yourself from that inner bully then give me a call. If you’d like to feel more confident, happier in your own self, more confident in your own skin and free, get in touch. 

I’d be more than happy to talk with you. I’ll be glad to explain how hypnotherapy could help you to be free of self-doubt, anxiety and pain. I’ll help you to heal those old wounds and to be free! 

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