Sad Syndrome - help in Brackley, Banbury and Oxfordshire

Winter has historically and culturally been a significant time of year. From festivals, to roast dinners and welcoming New Year’s, there is plenty going on.

But for some of us, winter is a dark time. The lack of sun light, cold dark mornings and staying in a lot can leave some people feeling really really low.

SAD brackley banbury oxford

It’s not surprising really, many animals go into hibernation, plants look dead, you might spend more money than you have on Christmas presents. More and more people get into debt over Christmas and with all of that time spent in four walls, arguments start.

All of this can add up to being a pretty miserable time.

You may even have got to the stage where you expect to feel bad over the winter because you feel the cold wind, dread kicks in and you feel more sensitive to things going wrong or feeling bad. And so the cycle of winter depression starts to creep in.

If you feel like this, then I can assure you that this doesn’t have to happen every winter.

Whilst, you may indeed feel worse over the winter, we can work together to get to the core of the issues that may be lurking underneath. Once you are free from those, we can have a look at rewiring your psychological perceptions of the winter months and how you respond to them.

Rest assured that regardless of the season. You can feel happy, energised and able to deal with things. You can feel more like yourself again and even better than that.

Hypnotherapy is great for SAD Syndrome. So if you are feeling down, I have offices in Brackley, Banbury and Oxford.

If you would like to banish the winter blues then feel free to contact me on 07525051263 or use the contact page on my website.