Hypnotherapy is exercise for the mind

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It’s that time of year again,


You might be thinking about revisiting the gym, dusting off your running shoes and opting for a salad instead of Christmas Pudding. However, you need to remember that your mind is just as important as your body.

In the same way that too much sugar and fat is bad for your body, chronic stress is not good for your brain. The odd stressful situation is something that humans are designed to deal with but long term, daily stress can really upset your mental health.

In fact, Bergland (2014) argues that researchers have found that long term stress effects brain function, reduces brain cell activity and reaps havoc on your immune system.

Not good.

It is important to remember that your mind is actually like a muscle, whatever part of it you flex will become stronger. So, if you stress too much, your brain will become better at stressing but if you practise things like positive mental focus your mind will become better at that too.

Regular mediation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy are like a workout for the mind.

Hypnotherapy combines all the benefits of relaxation, mental focus, concentration and imagination to increase your sense of well being.

If you are interested in improving your mental health, then give me a call 07525051263. I usually record the Hypnotherapy part of our session so that you can listen and practise self hypnosis on a regular basis.

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