How do you really treat stress? Be more lobster!

There are a gazillion articles on google about stress; how to avoid it, treat it, stop it, prevent it etc etc…

Most of these articles will talk about very normal and sensible solutions to keeping stress under control. The good advice includes sleeping properly, eating properly, reaching out to friends, work life balance or breathing.

But, and this is a big but.

This advice doesn’t seem to help when we are in the midst of a stress episode.

In fact, when you are stressed, the very things that you are supposed to be doing such as sleeping, go out of the window.

Stress can turn you upside down.

So it how can we learn to use it instead of avoiding or getting rid of stress. 

Watch the video below, you may find it interesting. 


After you have watched the video, you will see that lobsters grow from the pressure that they feel inside their shell. Their shell isn’t working for them anymore.

So ask yourself. What is not working for me? Can I change it? If it can’t, can I change how I react?

Many people, mistakenly feel that if they are stressed anxious or depressed, that somehow they have become weak.

Not the case, most people will experience acute stress in their life as a result of something changing.

Whatever, what is, you will adapt in some way to that stress.

Stress changes us and even if you are in the midst of the most debilitating stress, the answer is to work out how to adapt and change as a result.

I can help you to do that.

Hypnotherapy can help you to unpick stress, see it in a different light and then use it to your advantage. As a result you will begin to feel calmer, happier and more connected to the world around you. 

I have already helped so many people from Brackley, Banbury and Oxfordshire to become better equipped when it comes to stress. 

If you are stressed and suffering because of it, then give me a call on 07525051263 and id be happy to help.