I'm wide awake! Hypnotherapy for insomnia

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As the summer looms and the days become longer, I have noticed that sleep seems to be on everyone’s minds. Even the government are wondering whether we are getting enough shut eye.

But for some people, chronic insomnia is a nightmare in itself.

It’s that ongoing cycle of getting to bed time and dreading it because you hope that you will sleep but fear that you won’t.  Then lying awake, watching the small hours tick past whilst your mind zooms around relentlessly. Then comes the horrible fatigue as you are awoken by your alarm and have to contemplate how you are going to get through the day with so little rest.

People don’t sleep for all sorts of reasons and if it happens over and over again, then it can quickly become a habit.

Some people become so desperate that they visit the doctor for sleeping pills to knock them out. The problem with that is, that now, doctors are only likely to give you a prescription for a few weeks and then you are back to square one. So there is rarely any long term help from medication. 

It doesn’t matter how long you have been suffering for, hypnotherapy can help you.

When I work with insomnia, it tend to tackle it from all angles.

insomnia brackley

·         First, we will work together to look at your life and what is triggering the lack of sleep.

·         Ill look at your response to stress and how that impacts on your nightly routine

·         Then we can look at getting your sleep habits back into shape as well as giving you some night recordings to reinforce what we will do in the sessions.

I will support and monitor your progress so that I can adapt to your needs in order to make sleepless nights a thing of the past.

If you are in the brackley, banbury or oxfordshire area then give me a call on 07525051263 so that you can start sleeping again.