Want to reach your goals? The clue is in the mountains.

Here’s the truth,

Goal setting is really easy. Sticking to it isn’t.

Whether it’s smoking, weight loss, making money, or starting a business most of us at some point have goals that we want to achieve.

The first thing that most of us do is visualise it. We imagine what it will be like to have that toned body. We imagine ourselves in all of our glory when we make loads of money from our business idea. And this is great, visualising things makes them seem real to us and can act as one of our biggest motivators.


Sooner or later the times comes the time when we actually have to do it.

We have to go and get that body, go and make that money be that person in our imagination.

Then we start to realise that it our goals are harder than they looked in our heads.

You go to the gym with the Instagram version of yourself firmly in your head, only to find that after three minutes on a treadmill you’re gasping for air.

That perfect body starts to look further away from you than you thought. Then, sitting at home watching your favourite TV programme starts to look more inviting and before you know it your goal becomes out of your reach.

Does this all sound familiar?

So the question you may be asking is, how can I make sure that I achieve my goals and what does this have to do with mountains?

Mountains are some of the biggest, and most majestic formations on the planet. Some of them are no big, that they have their own climates. They are the rocky evidence that our earth is capable of creating some amazing things.

And they are formed by tectonic plates, and these plates are most of the time unnoticed, subtle and they only move a measly 2.5 centimeters a year. But, those plates only have to move together and that 2.5 centimeters can shift the earth thousands of meters into the air. The pressure and movement develops slowly over time, building and building until it has enough motivation to literally, move mountains.

You need to work in the same way.

The truth is that great things can come from the slightest of changes.

So when you’re goal setting, instead of focusing on the end result, break it down.

You can achieve your goals by following some of these steps:

1.Work out where you want to be.

2. Then work out your timetable. Ask yourself where or when can I fit this in?

3. Commit to doing one thing per day that moves you to your goal.

If it’s weight loss, then commit to taking the stairs every day instead of the lift.

Smoking? Tell yourself you will illuminate the easiest cigarette from your day and work your way towards the hardest one.

4. Slowly up increase the time, effort and difficulty. When you have reached the first step, work out what the next one will be and commit to that.

Before, you know it, you will be implementing your changes without making drastic moves. You will be building lasting habits and feeling proud of yourself when you get there.

Remember we become demotivated when things seem to far away for us to achieve.

So slowly make moves towards your goal, build the momentum, do small things on a regular basis and all of this will gradually build until you have so much power that your goal will become in reach and you can take it for yourself.

If you have found this article useful and feel that you can achieve your goals on your own then great, but if you feel that you need a little more help then give me a call on 07525051263.