Relationship issues

man and wife.jpg

Look at this image…

The woman is being held by her partner and is thinking ‘if he just puts in a little more effort, he could pull me up and i’ll be safe.’

The man is holding on and thinking, ‘she just needs to push herself a little more.’

The problem is that each partner can only see from their own perspective. He can’t see the snake biting at her and she can’t see that he is being crushed by the pressure of the boulder on top of him.

Relationships are hard because they often involve a couple with their own needs, troubles, fear’s and aspirations. Sometimes it’s difficult to work through all of that and still maintain a healthy relationship and so many people simply can’t hold on which leads to unfortunate break ups.

The moral of this story is that couples often cannot see the pain and pressure that the other person is carrying.

But there are ways to go through the trials of life and still have a healthy and thriving relationship, even when times are hard.

Hypnotherapy can help you to understand how to communicate better and understand yourself and your partner so that you can be helpful and supportive without sacrificing your own needs.

Life is hard but your relationship doesn’t need to be.

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