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Mindfulness based Alexander Technique

Jon Kabat-Zinn the creator of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week programme writes in his book 'Full Catastrophe Living':

"We have already seen that posture is very important in the sitting meditation and that positioning the body in a certain way can have immediate effect on your mental and emotional state. Being aware of your body language and what it reveals about your attitudes and feelings can help you to change your attitudes and feelings just by changing your posture. ... Every time you intentionally assume a different posture, you are literally changing your physical orientation and therefor your inner perspective as well."

This day workshop will look at what this statement could mean with regards to:

- How we use ourselves when we are sitting, especially for meditation

- Mindful walking, body scans and 3 minute/step breathing spaces with Alexandrian considerations

- The power of our bodies to inform and change us.

- Extending, deepening and supporting our mindfulness practice

The cost is £25 per person and places are limited to 12 – so book soon to ensure a place.

Teacher: Azizë Stirling has been an Alexander Teacher since 1993, and a Mindfulness teacher since 2013 and has just completted the Master’s programme in Mindfulness at Bangor University.

To book: 01865 790168

AT and Mindfulness are very sympathetic – what often is implied in one is made explicit in the other.

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