What are my fees?

My fee is £70 per 1 hour session.

I charge £145 for smoking cessation and would recommend two sessions, although your individual circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Of course, as a client you come first, so don't be deterred if you are in need and cannot afford the whole fee. Just contact me and i'll be happy to talk about how I can meet your needs.

Don't worry, you are in good hands

I trained with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Their training is accredited by UKCP and so the assessment process is rigorous. I have invested a lot in my training and so I should. You deserve the best, after all, the changes you're going to make will be truly life changing.

In the UK, hypnotherapy is largely unregulated. It's the same for  counselling or psychotherapy. Therefore, many hypnotherapists work without the necessary supervision or ongoing training. I don't think this is best practice.

Training for UKCP accreditation takes four years and I must ensure that I have continuous supervision and I take part in Continuous Professional Development. This is so you can know that you're with someone who is both professional and completely ethical.

What you will get in return

I offer you a warm, professional and effective solution to your problems. I offer an understanding, compassionate and empathetic ear. I offer you the benefits of some of the best training currently available in the UK and I offer you myself. I know how it is to be, or at least to feel, alone with a problem and I know how difficult it can feel to reach out for help. I did it, my clients do this every day and you can too. 

You are everything you need to be in order to achieve the goals you long for. You have every trait that you need in order to fulfil your potential. 

This is, in essence, what I offer. I offer you an opportunity to be heard, accepted and assisted in the path towards your goals.

I offer a professional route to your attaining your ambitions in as fast and effective a way as is possible

I know, it's a big decision. Give me a call and we can make sure you make it in the right way

Making the decision to change something in your life is huge, you may have been to see other therapists and you may feel that you are completely at the end of your tether with the problems you're facing.

This can mean that you feel a little vulnerable.

However, when you come to see me, you can be yourself and I'll ensure that you feel safe and secure enough to talk things through. You will be with someone who is completely committed to your progress.

You might actually find therapy enjoyable.

A problem shared is a problem halved is a cliche, i know, but a problem shared with someone who is highly trained and can give you the space to just air the issues really can take a huge weight off of your shoulders. 

A lot of people think that therapy is one of those grim processes that you have to go through when you have problems. In reality therapy for any reason is about growth and moving your own barriers out of the way so that you can live your life to the fullest. What's more, you get to do that with someone who you can feel safe with.

Choosing the right therapist is really important. So, please, feel free to look through the website. Then, when you're ready, just get in touch. Contact me and I look forward to helping you to find the right way forward.