Hypnotherapy for Depression

Elizabeth Wurtzel once said, 'That's the thing about depression: It's like a cage without a key.'

Break free from Depression.

Break free from Depression.

Anyone that has experienced it knows that depression really stings. Much like a powerful storm, when you are in the midst of it, it can be completely devastating. 

The mind seems to become a mental bully that keeps going and going until things start to feel completely hopeless. To make things worse, clients often report that when they start to feel exhausted by the weight of their depression, their thoughts become even darker.

As the thoughts become darker, they start to feel worse. At this point, the exhaustion causes many clients to retreat from their normal activities. They sleep more and stay away from friends because there is simply not enough energy to go around.

If you feel like this then I am truly sorry to hear it. However, help is at hand.

My training is in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy so there are many different techniques and interventions which I can use in order to help my clients feel better. You may feel that coming to therapy would be a big task because often, when you try to talk about it people will say, ' Why do you feel bad?' Or ' when did it start?'

This simply isn't helpful because most of the time clients feel as though their issues are just like a big bowl of spaghetti with no end, no specific beginning and a whole load of chaos in the middle.

My approach is to start by help you to accept where you are for now.  You will learn to accept yourself, and I will work with you so that you can avoid burn out in the future.

When I started to work with depression, I was amazed at how many of my clients would blame themselves, speak harshly of them selves and generally demonstrate a very low opinion of their own achievements.

They also tended to exaggerate the achievements of others and abandoned their own needs in order to avoid loneliness or rejection.

I help my clients to turn this around step by step. Little by little.

It doesn't matter how caged you feel, hypnotherapy could hold the key.

If you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you then contact me and we can discuss your needs and any worries or concerns that you might be having. I have offices in Brackley, Banbury and Oxford, so I am sure that I can find a place that is suitable for us to work together. Ill look forward to hearing from you.