Hypnotherapy for IBS

IBS is much more than a chronic inconvenience. It can be completely debilitating. Why? Well, not only does it cause pain and upsetting symptoms but it can also be responsible embarrassment and social anxiety.

Many clients find that their worlds begin to get smaller and smaller because they can only visit places where they know that they can get to the loo. Some, avoid parties, holidays, days out at the zoo and so much more because they live in fear that accidents will occur.

Even if your form of IBS doesn't lead to accidents, the pain can cause sickness absence at work and persistent low mood because you are fighting with the chronic discomfort that IBS brings with it.

In the same way that OCD isn't about being tidy, IBS isn't just a bad stomach after a curry with your friends. Often, people misunderstand how disruptive and depressing it can be. Many of my clients fear the repercussions of having time off of work when a bad bought comes on because many people think that it is something that can be treated with a few Rennie and a trip to the loo.

You can break free of the debilitating issues that IBS can bring.

If you can relate to this, then I am truly sorry. But, you need to know that help is at hand. Hypnotherapy has been approved by NICE as an effective treatment for IBS.

Go wherever you want to go without the need to be near the loo.

Go wherever you want to go without the need to be near the loo.

By choosing to treat IBS with Hypno-Psychotherapy you are choosing to not only treat the symptoms but you will be able to deal with the underlying stress that either causes it or makes it worse.

Stress causes and exacerbates IBS. So, let's deal with both.

Stress is a sticky character. It is the cause of so many physical complaints and yet most of my clients do not even realise how stressed they actually are.

  • I can help you to feel as though you are leading a normal life again
  • I can help you to enjoy going out without worrying about where the nearest toilet is
  • I can help you to eradicate any underlying stress and therefore eradicate the symptoms of IBS
  • I can help you to control the pain, discomfort and muscular tension that causes so much distruption in your life

You can leave IBS and stress behind you and I can help you.

If you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you then contact me and we can discuss your needs and your individual goals. I'll look forward to hearing from you to get started.