Hypnotherapy for OCD

I am currently helping clients in Brackley, Banbury and the Oxford area with OCD and other anxiety related disorders.

Living with OCD can be torturous. It is so much more than many people realise. The urge to satisfy a compulsion is a bit like having chicken pox and being told that you are not allowed to scratch the spots. On top of that, many OCD clients will experience terrifying thoughts and feelings of anxiety if they try to resist their urges.

It's a cycle of urges and thoughts that just seems to go around and around. You satisfy the urge but instead of making it better, the thoughts, anxiety and compulsions get stronger until they start to impact upon your entire life.

To make matters worse, many clients often feel a tremendous amount of guilt because their anxieties and rituals can affect the entire family. 

The root of OCD lies within anxiety and it is important that you choose a therapist who understands the underlying causes of the condition itself. 

How can hypnotherapy help me to take control of OCD?

Hypnotherapy can re-programme your mind as you tackle each ritual step by step.

It's a little bit like Jenga, as you start taking away individual blocks, the structure weakens and eventually the whole thing tumbles.

Not only does your OCD lose its power to control you but the process of hypnotherapy can help you to feel stronger at the same time. 

You need to know that whilst breaking away from OCD can seem almost impossible, it's not.

I understand what a challenge this sort of condition is. If you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you then contact me and we can discuss your needs and any worries or concerns that you might be having. I'll look forward to hearing from you to get started.