Hypnotherapy for Sexual issues (women)




Sex is important to so many people but for you it might be a painful experience. 

Do you find yourself becoming envious of the sexual encounters that you see in films or read in magazines?

Do you find yourself craving the pleasure that sex can bring, only to then find that sex for you is really uncomfortable and a chore?

Do you find yourself making up excuses and avoiding sex altogether?

If so, then you are not alone. Many women find that sex is painful and there are all sorts of reasons for it. But often our emotions play a huge part in the sexual experiences that we have.

Perhaps you have had a traumatic experience such as difficult child birth or previous abuse. Often, you may find that if you cant relax the sexual experience becomes worse. And so the cycle begins. You feel nervous, cant relax and sex is painful so you dread the next one.

You may be struggling to connect emotionally with your partner.

A great deal of women find it difficult to understand and then express their sexual needs or desires and so sex isn't very pleasurable for them.

The great thing about hypnotherapy is that I can help you get to the core of the problem. I can help you to become more confident in the bedroom and to understand what your needs are.

You can let go of the pain and regain your confidence!

You can learn to feel sexy again and