Hypnotherapy for Tourette's syndrome

I came across Tourette's syndrome in the same way that many other people do. I was watching the television and there was a documentary about a man that swore too much. I would often hear people say, ''swearing again, have you got Tourette's?''.

It's a largely misunderstood condition and I suspect that if you are here then you may be suffering from the effects of other people's perceptions of you and your tics.

Whilst there are thousands of people with Tourette's syndrome who live normal, fulfilling lives, there are a huge amount who suffer from social exclusion, ridicule and isolation. As a result you may find social situations, dating, job interviews and other things very difficult.

Tourette's syndrome itself is not the problem, it is the reaction to the syndrome that causes so much grief.

Perhaps, you are finding your tics uncontrollable or maybe they get worse when you feel pressured and anxious.

There is no cure for the syndrome but that does not mean that you cannot live a full, happy and healthy life. In fact, all of the people that I have met with Tourette's syndrome are compassionate, fun and intelligent people who anyone would love to be around.

However, you may not feel this way right now because the chances are, you have been through the process of diagnosis, education interventions, social stigma etc.

A new approach to working with Tourette's syndrome

You may have tried Habit Reversal Techniques, CBT and other behavioural therapies in the past and whilst these can be helpful, I believe that there are so many other interventions that can help you to control your tics and increase your confidence. 

My approach to dealing with Tourette's syndrome is different. I believe that through the power of awareness, relaxation and effective strategy, you will begin to realise that you are more than your condition. You do not have to live in it's shadow.

I am incredibly passionate about working with clients who have Tourette's syndrome and other tic disorders. So much so that it is my specialism. 

The NCHP trained me to become the best hypnotherapist that I can be. They have been so impressed with my work that I have been asked to deliver talks on the subject of therapy and Tourette's syndrome.  I am aiming to eliminate some of the misconceptions about the condition and to teach other therapists about how they might work with someone who has been diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome.

How can hypnotherapy help?

  • I can help you to become more aware of the initial onset of a tic so that you can learn to take control of the compulsions
  • I can help you to feel more confident in difficult situations so that your tics have less of an impact on your daily life
  • If your tics worsen during periods of stress or anxiety, I can help you to reduce the stress, worry and anxious feelings
  • I can help you to deal with the psychological effects of any social stigma, negativity or bullying that you may have experienced through out your life.

Tourette's syndrome is for life, but the stress and anxiety that comes with it doesn't have to be.

I understand what a challenge this sort of condition is. If you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you then contact me and we can discuss your needs and any worries or concerns that you might be having. I have offices in Brackley, Banbury and Oxford and I can also do home visits.