Hypnotherapy for Weight loss

Weight management is a huge issue for many people and the global market is saturated with all sorts of diets, fads, pills etc. 


Diets often don't work because they are restrictive and many people do not have the time to commit to them. 

The truth is that you don't have to deprive yourself, you don't have to feel hungry. 

Diets completely ignore the emotional aspect of eating and the habits that we form as a result. In much the same way that people abuse drugs or alcohol, some people also develop bad eating habits, which over time can become unconscious and embedded. On top of that, food is essential to our survival, you literally cannot live without it. And so, it is the relationship that you have with food that needs to change. 

Hypnotherapy is a tailored approach that helps you to discover your relationship with food and lose weight.

Often, when you begin a diet you may start to experience a drop in blood sugar, which just results in tiredness and low mood. If there is a psychological habit that lies behind the eating then the chances are that a diet, combined with your emotions will be a recipe for failure or weight loss that is not sustainable.

Some clients feel as though they will never lose weight. They tell me that they have tried everything and that they just cannot get to their goal weight. 

Well you can. I know that the idea of managing your weight without dieting or rigorous exercise may sound a bit absurd but if your weight loss regime has not worked so far then you have the evidence that you need to try something different. 

How can I lose weight without dieting?

The answer is to change the way that you eat food and your relationship with it.

  • I teach my clients to eat consciously
  • I teach them to look at themselves and their eating habits in new ways and I could teach you too
  • I teach my clients to deal with the underlying psychological causes of being overweight so that they can live healthier and happier lives

Once you begin to feel better about yourself, you will find that eating is no longer a destructive habit.

If you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you then contact me and we can discuss your needs and your individual goals. I'll look forward to hearing from you to get started.