Mindfulness in Brackley, Banbury and Oxford. 

Mindfulness is a truly amazing practice. It can help you with a busy mind, your relationships, stress, work/life balance and much more. You can learn to control your mind rather than allow your mind to control you.

Mindfulness has really taken off in the UK and many people can now access it online, Youtube and by buying books. This is a great thing but sometimes you need extra support and someone to take you through the journey of becoming more mindful.

I am a member of the National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness. I combine all three methods during our one to one sessions so that you can reach your full potential. I studied in Oxford and I am now part of a group who study and teach Mindfulness in Brackley.

Whether Anxiety, Depression, Tourettes, Phobias or any other challenge that you may be facing mindfulness can help you to become more aware and then to calmly make decisions in each moment. 

It can help you to calm the mind which enables you to feel more in control, rather than becoming overwhelmed by your thoughts. 

Mindfulness gives you the freedom to step outside of your issues and look at them from a new perspective.